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    "As we learn, we grow, and we mature, as we are closer to finding our true essence"... -Gypsy


    About Reiki...

    The unique healing practice of Integrated Reiki Therapy is a hands-on gentle process that uses a channel of integration points and with careful administration- as it releases the energy of emotions stored in the cellular memory of the body.

    The release of these energies allows the chakras and cells of the body to feel lighter and therefore allows you to have better focus and health. This does not suggest that any healing modality replaces medical treatment- that would never be the suggestion of any Reiki Practitioner, however, these processes can offer a relaxing process that promotes healing and become part of a protocol of overall health.

  • Our Services

    Integrated Energy Healing &
    Management of Vital Energy through Energy tools

    We help bring soothing energy to your body and release energies that do not serve you.

    Energy Healing with Crystals

    We employ crystals and other stones as conduits for natural healing energy.

    Chakra Balancing

    We focus on channeling energy into the seven chakras, extending beyond your physical wellbeing.

    Energetic, Magical & Spiritual Coaching

    We guide to find your inner happiness, peace, and harmony while supporting you on your journey to find your own sense of wholeness, and essence.

    Certified Yoga Teacher

    We provide you with guidance in areas such as yoga philosophy, nutrition, meditation, and deep breathing techniques.

    Personalized Herbs, Oils & Astro Jewelry

    All custom-made for you, utilizing our different techniques in such mastery.

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  • Disclaimer

    Although the benefits of using crystals, stones, and other energy therapies have been well documented and proven over time and their results may vary from person to person, they are not a replacement for medical, psychological, and/or psychiatric treatments. If you have any medical or mental concerns or concerns, please contact your healthcare professional immediately. Thanks. Love and Light, -Gypsy
    Aunque los beneficios del uso de los cristales, piedras, y demás terapias energéticas han sido bien documentadas y comprobadas a lo largo del tiempo y sus resultados pueden variar de persona a persona, estos no constituyen reemplazo de tratamientos médicos, psicológicos y/o psiquiátricos. Si usted tiene alguna preocupación o aflicción médica o mental, favor de contactar a su profesional de la salud de inmediato. Gracias. Amor y Luz, -Gypsy
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